Am Confused…!!!

In Kerala even if we all are well educated… skin color matters…size matters…

Yes am fat, am dark…. Do you have a problem??? Deal with me face to face not in my back.

I’m an ugly duckling… This is etched to my soul… I don’t know how I am going to change this attitude… I could easily blame all my society for bringing me up like this. I feel pretty bad about my parents, they try hard to make me feel good. I used to avoid all the social gatherings which are very important in our socirty like marriages, vacation trips, and so on… It’s all because am afraid to answer few questions..

“Your mother looks fair, but why you are dark??.. Oh you are like your father…”

“You looks fatter than before… do some dieting… go to gym…”

Oh… am fed up of all this….

Now am trying hard to change…

I go to all functions… yea and they’re asking same questions till now with one change…

“Unless you reduce your weight you won’t get a good proposal” – with this one little advice at the end.

Who cares….

Hey people… plus size boys do exist…

But am confused why those boys won’t like to marry a plus size girl!!!????

Hey chubby boys what if all the girls decide not to get married to a plus size guy…!!

You’re doomed….THE END….


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  1. prey says:

    it matters our mind……the external force( any hearings) should not trouble our heart, we cant live for others, we have to live our own life first


  2. Dr.Anina says:

    Dats all worldly quotes b a best human s d greatest gift n dats wat u r n dats d soul gift to ur parents by uu my dear..jst gv a 😊 to d world n u 👊🏻 out these talkings by dem… B d best n du d best darlin😍


  3. Beauty and questions are arise frm the heart.Keralites are good bt attitude is very waste.
    Need chenge…need love, respect, attitude.
    Awesome reflection dear


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