Love marriages…..

What is our Indian Culture… Our Values????

Everybody says that our culture and values are originated from the Vedas and it started forming since the Indus valley civilization. India is the most diverse country. We even have more number of Gods (Even human Gods). Most of us still follow our ancient cultures… I don’t have any objections…

But one doubt …!!!

It seems that our old Kings had done love marriages… Even God had married their loved ones…

Why can’t we??

In India, ladies of all ages are devotees of Lord Krishna. Our mothers and Grandmothers always say… Ente Krishnaa… (Oh My Krishna) very religiously most of the time.

The irony is that even their son/daughter says that they love someone; our mothers still say Ente Krishnaa… (Even though he married his childhood sweetheart and known as God of love.) this time with an exclamation…

In remote parts of India so many youngsters get murdered due to the only reason that they got married to their loved ones… Even after years of happily married life, those who got love married; they are graded down in the society and even abandoned by their families and yes they are not welcomed in family gatherings or other such social functions…Their kids suffer even worse situations… Mostly in inter-caste marriages…

Come on people… Open your eyes…. You are still like the frog in a well…

Basically Indian Parents thinks that to get married to a person we know or our friend is uncultured practice… And marrying a total stranger who came to our home for having a tea is the most cultured practice to get married….

Sorry Parents… Please change this attitude…

Humble request from a simple girl…..

Love marriage is not a sin…


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  1. Rahul S says:

    Interesting writing from a different perspective…

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  2. Jijo django says:

    Its really good. Many parents should open their eyes 🙂 you have explained everything in a good way 🙂

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  3. Very true. It is high time that we start realizing the fault in our ways. Such perverted views of morality and rights. Such twisted judgments.

    I find that our people tend to live a life for others and take pride in it. Look at our parents, grandparents and ancestors. They led a hard life and lived for the sake of taking care of their family. They do not know any other way. And the condition attached is that ‘we lived for you, now you should live the way we dictate’. We have been practicing this habit for ages now that it seems like a betrayal when someone takes their life into their own hands…

    Live life in your own terms. And let others live theirs. After all, are we not all equals in this aspect with just one shot at living!

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