Who am I???

When I behave like a kid…. Amma shouts “You’re a grown up now… Show some maturity…”  

And if I’m talking boldly or seriously about some family matters… Yes she’ll shout again…  But with a lil change… “You’re still a child… Don’t talk like this.”

Actually Amma…  Who am I??  

Kid or grown-up????  

So confusing!!! 

I think I’m a childish silly grown-up…

I’ll cry whenever I feel like..

I’ll laugh to silly jokes…

I’ll react or may burst out…

I’ll console…

I’ll pamper…

I’ll be me always…. 

I’m the best version of myself… 

Peace ✌…  Love 😍 ♥ nd lots of music 🎶 to all my dears…

Be yourselves…. 

Be a shooting star 🌟… 


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  1. You are the best version of yourself.
    This is the best sentance from your post.I ever seen a sentance like this.i ever heared a sentance like this.Everyone is uniqe.No one is like you in the world.No one is in the world like me.bevause we are rare piece in the world.
    Follow your dreams. .find Yourself.

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  2. hahahaa…interesting post! liked that “I am best version of myself”…


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