Loneliness??? Just Smile….

Hello world I’m alone now…

I wonder how can I be alone in this planet??? No I’m not alone..  I just feel I’m alone…

There’s no one to talk, no one to share I don’t care…

But there’s no one to smile… that makes me sad….

Why people.. why??   Why are you forgetting to smile…

I think a man becomes alone when nobody is there to smile back…

Smile is just a curve of your lips that makes others life happy…

There’s no big deal…  Just smile people…

Peace ✌…  Love 😍 ♥ nd Music 🎶 to all…

Spread smiles ☺ ☺ in all hearts 💕

Spread happiness….


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  1. nice post..excellent pic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mannah says:

      Thanks… It’s my lovely niece….

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  2. Waiting for your new thoughts

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