Absconding!! Oh No!!!

We all had that feeling… A feeling to runaway from our life… atleast once….

Yes, it’s a fact that nobody denies…

So being an Indian (esply South Indian) lady.. Can I runaway…???? 

Surely the answers will be no, if you are a typical Indian logical person.

If a girl goes missing, the first conclusion will be – A Love affair (Oops.. It’s a crime here) which ended in elopement… 

All our parents are like anti-love affair gang team members (except few)..

But I do really appreciate those who elope nd leading a happy life… And happy that they didn’t chosed the other way solution..

But even if you don’t have an affair… You may have an intense feeling to runaway… 

Me too want to runaway… Like a roadtrip or a vacation….

To explore.. To be myself… To be free..

Calm nd quite… Much of I green and hell no to concrete…..

          ……..  Blogger currently absconding… 


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