I see that innocent face everywhere, the same hash tag, every message I read is about u…


Have you ever thought that in our community, how many Asifas, Saumyas or Jishas are there???

I think it’s a good time for me to share my experience with you.

We are just a normal family … Me, my father and my mother. My paternal grandparents were also with us till their demise.

I’ll tell u my story…

I’m 28 years old lady now. When I was 10 years old, a KSRTC bus journey with my mother and my aunt changed my whole life. That journey ruined my childhood, my life…

An grown up man ( probably my dad’s age) touched me, in my inappropriate area … I couldn’t react …I cried.. I understood what a BAD TOUCH is… I never disclosed this incident to anyone…  I felt something bad has happened to me… I think that’s the way we are today… We’re not bothered about this  now, coz it happens… but my beautiful childhood ended  in that journey … I worried about my body … when  I see a crowd I’ll  blackout and faint also get violent… I was afraid of meeting new people … I was afraid to travel in a busy bus .. For a long time I was even afraid of my grandfather even if he never misbehaved to me. My father understood that there was something wrong and he never left me alone for a moment. Even for school functions my dad accompanied me … my friends mocked me, some bullied  and told me that I’m lavish … but my family stayed with me.

When I was twenty-three years old I started travelling by bus after long thirteen years. (I know you won’t believe me … this is my life), I slowly came back to social life … But then, many hash tags started to appear … My parents lost the confidence on our society. I became caged once again.

Today (22-04-2018) was my friend’s wedding. When I was walking through the crown in the auditorium an elderly man almost above 70 years of age was walking behind me grabbed my buttocks. .. I was shocked at that but to my astonishment the ladies who were walking behind that old man saw this and they were laughing and enjoying that… I stared at them and moved to on. Then I saw that old man walking besides me and held his left hand to grab my hip despite having enough space in the area … this time I couldn’t tolerate I grabbed his left hand and I twisted it and I also didn’t forgot to use my torture device… nails… he left the area asap and those ladies who were laughing also witnessed this auspicious occasion

My heart is filled with joy now… Yey… I reacted

Hash tags never going to work my dears

I’ve seen may girls who also had to go through these kinds of bitter experiences on their early childhood

We can’t guarantee that there will be no more Asifas. We can only pray that no girl gets hurt anymore

The story is not much different to boys too… I know men who are afraid to kiss or hug their nieces, or little cousins…  We must change… Criminals must be punished. So that, we could live…

A word to those criminals…. Each hand u heading out towards a girl will once become a hand heading out to your mother or sister or even the love of your life. I prefer the word cancer instead of rapists or molesters…  Yes you are a cancerous growth to our society…

(When I left the marriage auditorium a friend of mine also told me about an elderly pervert… End of your life is near Mr. Old Pervert)


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  1. Ashik T M says:

    Good to see that you reacted.The ultimate saviour of your life from darkness is none other than you start raising voice against those perverts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mannah says:

      Thanks for the support…
      But after this post few of them have asked me why did hurt that poor old man. You could have walked away from that area… But I don’t care those anymore… Coz it’s already too late..


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